Modern, Mobile, Multilingual Websites


We at Linky Studio use only the latest and greatest software to ensure your website looks amazing and runs lightning-fast on computers and phones alike. When it comes to style, we don't just follow trends, we start them; publishing sites with ultramodern designs years before larger companies follow suit. We also lead in speed – our proprietary hosting platform operates many times faster than is normally possible without requiring large amounts of money for upgraded servers.


Over half of people visiting websites are on their phone or tablet as opposed to a full computer or laptop. Standard websites don't display properly on phones and tablets, leaving visitors with an awkward, zoomed-out interface, or bloated buttons that are unappealing and can leave a bad taste in their mouths. Our websites are designed from the ground up to be just as beautiful on mobile devices as they are on desktops, no matter how small the screen is.


Our web developers have developed a simplified, intelligent way to manage website content in multiple languages. No more juggling duplicates of the same website in various languages, and no more iffy Google Translate translations. Linky Studio sites support as many languages as you need, with absolutely no duplicate site copies or ungainly Google translations.